Andrea Eppolito

The Ritz Tahoe


Background: Andrea Eppolito, hired Ironic as a meteorology consultant for one of her clients' weddings in Tahoe, located at an elevation of 7000 miles above sea level. The wedding was scheduled to take place at the Ritz, and vendors were expected to travel from the San Francisco area and beyond to prepare for the event starting the week before. During the load-in week, Ironic tracked the weather and road conditions to ensure that the vendors could safely travel to the venue. On the day of the wedding, Andrea and her team were faced with a severe weather event, as over 4 feet of snow fell within 24 hours, accompanied by wind speeds of 50 MPH.

Challenge: The main challenge in this case was the severe weather conditions that occurred on the day of the wedding. With over 4 feet of snow falling within 24 hours and wind speeds of 50 MPH, the wedding planners had to quickly and effectively deal with the snowfall and ensure that the wedding could proceed as planned.

Solution: The solution was to track the weather and road conditions during the load-in week. This allowed Andrea and her team to prepare for the worst-case scenario and ensure that they had the necessary resources and staff to deal with the snowfall. Additionally, they had to hire additional staff and labor to remove the snow that was consistently falling on the wedding day. With the help of Ironic's consultancy service, they were able to prepare for the severe weather and proceed with the wedding as planned.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of having a meteorology consultant on board for outdoor events, especially in areas with unpredictable weather conditions.
  • The consultancy service provided by Ironic helped Andrea and her team to prepare for the worst-case scenario and ensure that the wedding went smoothly despite the severe weather.
  • The ability to quickly adapt and respond to unexpected weather conditions is crucial for the success of outdoor events.
  • Hiring additional staff and labor is essential to ensure that the event can proceed as planned.


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Andrew and his team were instrumental in the success of my wedding in Lake Tahoe. While my bride dreamt of a snowy winter wedding, the 7+ inches of snowfall that was forecasted presented a unique set of challenges for our production team. Working with Ironic allowed us to track the timing of the snowfall and prepare for our teams with additional trucks and labor, creating effective backup plans that ensured our design came to fruition beautifully and safely. I could never thank Ironic enough for being such a steadfast and trusted partner, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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