Wedding Meteorology Reports

3 Easy Steps

  1. Select a one or multiple Venues & Dates.
  2. Create a Wedding Meteorology Report.
  3. Share the unique URL link with your clients

Included in Each Report

  • Historical Daily Temperature Analysis
  • Daily Chance of Precipitation Analysis
  • Expected Odds of Precipitation
  • Day by Day Historical Forecast
  • Sunrise, High-noon and Sunset times
  • Expected Wind Speed and Safety Risks
  • Expected Cloud Coverage
  • Expected Humidity Risks
  • Allergy Risks
  • UV Index Risks
  • Hydration Risks
  • Severe Weather Resources and Action Plans

Hire a Professional Wedding Meteorologist

Ironic Pro Member Price, $500 Per Day

Non-member Price, $600 Per Day

(3 Day Minimum Service)

  • 24/7 access to Professional Wedding Meteorologist by Phone, Text or Email.
  • One source of Weather information for you, your team and the client.
  • Easy and open communication for all of your vendors.
  • Talk to the Ironic Team before you make your Rain Plan Rentals
  • Emergency weather alerts and updates
  • Weather Related Production Support and Insights

Claim your free 15 days of Ironic Pro!

Join the over 2500 Weddings who have used Ironic since 2020

15 Days free then only, $85 Per Month

  • Unlimited Weather Reports
  • $250 discount per day for Live Professional Meteorologist
  • Dedicated Client Report URLS
  • Unique Value-Added Service and Offering
  • Access to Wedding Weather Training
  • Access to Emergency Weather Training

Letter from our founder

Are you still asking yourself, "What is a wedding meteorologist?"

The best response is that a wedding meteorologist is the greatest protection against the unknown. When you hire a professional meteorologist, you can say you have a meteorologist on your team, and we are here to help you in any way we can.

Since starting, Ironic has helped planners forecast the rainstorms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, hail, blizzards, black ice, sleet, high winds, and even wave height for guests traveling to an island wedding.

We have also helped planners look at forecasts two years in advance to help set expectations for their clients regarding wind speed and humidity and how that might affect wedding hairstyle choices. In addition, we have analyzed the expected temperature to help suit material choices. We have even looked at the dew point, its relation to cake icing, and the structural integrity of wedding cakes!

The Ironic Weather Team is here to alert planners and teams of any change in weather patterns and potentially dangerous situations that could affect your client's wedding day.

Our mission is simple: to provide wedding professionals with the most accurate and detailed information so they can set expectations and make the right calls before it is too late.

If you have any questions about the weather or need help, call, text, or email us!

We are happy to help in any way we can.

-Andrew Leavitt, Ironic



We used Ironic to figure out where and when to have our dream wedding. It was such a simple, insightful, and stress-relieving experience

Regina & Kyle
Engaged Couple 2021

After I received my report and read the results, I literally started tearing up. This is ground breaking information and EVERY bride needs to have one for their wedding day!

Sarah H
Engaged Bride & Wedding Photographer

With how unpredictable weather can be in Texas, it was so reassuring knowing what to expect when planning for a client's outdoor reception!

Sarah Wintersteen 
Wedding Planner, Sistered States
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