Lynden Lane Co. - Empire Polo Ground


Background: At Ironic, we understand the importance of having accurate weather information for special events, especially weddings. That's why we were more than happy to assist Lynden Lane Co. with their concerns about wind speeds at the Empire Polo Grounds.

Challenge: The main challenge in this case was to provide accurate weather information about wind speeds for the wedding event that was to be held at the Empire Polo Grounds. The wedding planners needed to ensure that the wind speeds would not pose any risks or challenges to the smooth execution of the event from load in to load out.

Solution: To address this challenge, Ironic provided a detailed wind monitoring and forecasting program for the five days leading up to the wedding. We provided daily reports and text updates to the planners at Lynden Lane which helped them to provide their clients with the necessary information. Our meteorological experts closely monitored the weather forecast as well and were ready to act in case of any unexpected weather changes. Although there was a slight chance of rain during the load-in days, we were able to provide guidance to minimize any potential challenges.

Key Takeaway:

  • The importance of having accurate weather information for special events, especially weddings can help ensure the safety of the vendors building the event and the guest and family attending.

Daily Weather Report



This service is invaluable for event professionals looking to have in-depth weather information. You get an incredible team behind the forecasting, and a "right-hand man" for down to the minute predictions on event day. We used Andrew's service for a recent large scale production wedding in Indio, California where high winds, last minute storms, and general unpredictability can be huge factors to contend with. He and his team not only texted our team every morning with detailed weather information, they were available and at the ready for all of our questions. He even went so far as to break out the best times for us to set the tables in our outdoor pergola! Although no one can change the weather, Andrew's team mitigated the risk factors for us and made us feel at ease about all the unpredictability. 

- Lyndsey Moore, The Lynden Lane Co

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