The First Wedding Suit & Tux Weather Guide.

Created to help you find the perfect Suit or Tux for your wedding day weather.

Backed by 30 years of Historical Weather data & your wedding venue and date.

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We recommend choosing 3 days before your wedding day!

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Our reports will research the last 30 years of data in a 10 miles radius surrounding your venue

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Gain Confidence


Inside you will find insights on the Perfect suit or Tuxedo.


7 Day Report

Perfect if you already have a date and wedding venue


  • Shell Fabric
  • Shell Fabric
  • Lining Fabric
  • Guest Attire
  • Personalized Historical Wedding Day Weather Report

Also included in each report

Regional Climate Insights

Historical Humidity Rating

Historical Wind Rating

Expected Foliage

Floral Decoration Recommendations

Expected UV & Allergy Risk

Hairstyle Recommendations

Food, Beverage & Pastry Insights

Cosmetics & Beauty Tips


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