What is a Concierge Wedding Meteorolgist?


Still, asking yourself what a concierge wedding meteorologist is..... I hope this helps!

Our mission is to provide wedding professionals with the most accurate and detailed weather information so that they can make informed decisions and set the right expectations for their clients.

Since starting, Ironic has helped over 2400 weddings anticipate and prepare for everything from minor weather issues like rain and wind to severe weather phenomena like thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, hail, blizzards, black ice, sleet, extreme winds, and even wave height for guests traveling to an island wedding.

Our team of professional meteorologists are available 24/7 via phone, text, or email and will set up an advance meeting to understand your event and production timeline to review the location, date, topography, and local weather-related risks. With that information, Ironic will set alert and risk parameters based on the production notes.

From load-in to the wedding to load-out, we'll provide daily weather reports to the wedding planning team and additional vendors and schedule a mid-week meeting to review the forecast for the next few days and confirm if they should move forward with a complete rain plan or hold off.

Thanks to advances in technology, improved models, and increased data sources, weather forecasting has become incredibly accurate in recent years. On a national level, the average accuracy for five-day weather forecasting is estimated to be around 80-85%, while the accuracy for three-day weather forecasting is even higher at 90-95%.

You can trust us to provide you with the most reliable weather information so you can make the best decisions for your special day.

7 Day Concierge Meteorology Packages Starting at $3500

-Andrew Leavitt, Founder


What is the Process?


Before the wedding

Advance Meeting: Our team will schedule an advance meeting with the your team to understand the event and production timeline.

Review: We'll review the location, date, topography, and local weather-related risks.

Alert and Risk Parameters: We'll set alert and risk parameters based on the production notes, including tent wind rating, topography of the venue, lightning risks, and emergency alert matrix.

Load-in - The Wedding Week - Load-out

On-Call Concierge Meteorologist

  • 24/7 meteorologist support for wedding planners and professionals
  • Access to support via email, phone, or text based on preference
  • Well-informed decision-making based on latest weather updates
  • Smooth and stress-free wedding planning experience

Daily Weather Reports: Starting the Monday of the wedding week and ending the day after the event, or at the beginning of load-in and the end of load-out, we provide daily reports to the wedding planner and vendors to ensure that everyone is informed of the latest weather conditions and can plan accordingly for a successful event.

Rain Plans and Tent Plans: We schedule a mid-week meeting, typically on Wednesday, with the wedding planner to review the forecast for the next few days and confirm whether a full rain plan or tent plan should be implemented to ensure a successful event. This review ensures that the wedding planner is prepared for any potential weather changes and can make informed decisions that will minimize any disruptions to the event.


Case Studies and Testimonials








"We can’t control the weather. We’ve tried many times. Working with Ironic allows us to work with the weather. Starting with historical data, extended forecasts, two-week forecasts, and so on through the event, Ironic has proven to be an indispensable partner, allowing us to speak knowledgeably about the weather without the need of shuffling through endless, unreliable, and often contradictory weather apps."

- Nick Yarmac, Rafanelli Events 

"In June 2022 I was the Producer on a wedding where the ceremony, cocktails and dinner were all to be held outdoors. While the team prepared an equally amazing rain plan scenario for this wedding, we really wanted to go with our Plan A. We were introduced to Andrew by our boss Bryan and I cannot thank him and the team for their help with this event in particular. Andrew forecasted the weather multiple days in advance and sent daily reports to assist us with making our decision final. On the day of the event, we were texting every 30 minutes with weather updates and he really kept our minds at ease. Knowing we had Andrew and his meteorologist on our team was really comforting and allowed us to focus at the task at hand rather than trying to gather the forecast from multiple weather apps and resources"

- Alexandra DaRosa, Rafanelli Events

As an event planner, the feeling of anxiety that you carry heading into an outdoor wedding that has a chance of rain is something that will never go away. But Ironic is the key ingredient to easing that stress. Working with Andrew and his team has not only benefited our ability as planners to react and think knowledgeably and efficiently, but it has given our clients a sense of relief knowing that the information we are using is top of the line. We look forward to working with the team in the future and highly recommend their expertise.

- Hara Aoki-Saffer Rafanelli Events


"Being destination event planners we are often taken out of our comfort zones and it's tricky to monitor weather effectively, especially in mountain towns! Andrew was able to give us daily weather reports and gave us hour by hour updates during rain, lighting, and any stormy weather. This helped immensely when scheduling our install. On the wedding day we were advised to adjust our ceremony timing by 15 minutes so we could keep the set up outdoors, this was one of the most beautiful moments of the day. Thankfully we were able to move forward with our Plan A thank you to Ironic's expertise! A wonderful and luxurious experience."

-Ruth Skidmore, Alison Events 


This service is invaluable for event professionals looking to have in-depth weather information. You get an incredible team behind the forecasting, and a "right-hand man" for down to the minute predictions on event day. We used Andrew's service for a recent large scale production wedding in Indio, California where high winds, last minute storms, and general unpredictability can be huge factors to contend with. He and his team not only texted our team every morning with detailed weather information, they were available and at the ready for all of our questions. He even went so far as to break out the best times for us to set the tables in our outdoor pergola! Although no one can change the weather, Andrew's team mitigated the risk factors for us and made us feel at ease about all the unpredictability. 

- Lyndsey Moore, The Lynden Lane Co



The Weather is what is happening at a certain moment and Climate is the long-term average of the weather conditions of a region.

The Weather can be unpredictable while the Climate is not.

The Ironic proprietary "Wedding Day Weather Insight" algorithms analyzes over 30 years of historical climate data for the 10 miles around your clients specific wedding location allowing you to become a Wedding Meteorology Expert! This new resource has been designed to help wedding professionals and clients better understand, plan and set realistic expectations about the local weather.


Climate Report Examples

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